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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Visit Mekong Lodge

Uniquely nestled in an island amidst Tien River, Mekong Lodge can be reached by boat from Cai Be Harbor. The trip is fascinating itself for you can savor fabulous views of Mekong Delta. Also, it does give you a deep feeling of “travel like a local” since water weaves the way of life here.

Mekong Lodge features 29 private Bungalows and a Riverside Restaurant, stretching over an extensive area of more than 10.000 square meters.


All materials for Mekong Lodge construction are sourced from local areas. Its rustic settings reflect the architectural features of traditional cottages in rural Vietnam. The bungalows are built in extreme harmony with its surroundings: featuring coconut leave thatched roofs, wooden furniture and bamboo interiors. All bungalows are well equipped with air-conditioners, solar hot water, traditional bathtubs and comfy mattresses.


Mekong Lodge is a destination in itself. It is not only a place for overnight, but a place filled with joys and delights. Not just a brief stay somewhere, you can participate in several activities:

•    Boating to the vibrant Cai Be floating market
•    Biking around quaint peaceful villages
•    Freely picking and tasting plenty of tropical fruit
•    Catching fish in ponds by hand
•    Preparing a typical Vietnamese meal with cooking demonstrations
•    Visiting local hosts and traditional handicraft families

And doing whatever you wish for to deeply integrate into local culture



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